The HPGROUP is a symbiosis of different partner organizations. An alliance of people of multi-cultural backgrounds stemming from the visionary effort of one man.


It all started back in 1994, when the founder came to Vietnam to embark on the trading for the local market of paints and various chemicals from a well-known paint brand and chemical company in the Philippines. Coincidentally in 2005, he became a partner of a linear drainage systems manufacturer based in New Zealand. Capitalizing on the golden opportunity marked by the opening of Vietnam to international trade and commerce, DNTN Hoang Pham officially came into existence in 2007 and formally consolidated the operations of the paints and chemicals supply, and the manufacture of the linear drainage system.


The partnership with Ultra Corporation - a New Zealand-based supplier of linear drainage systems with markets in Europe, Asia and the Pacific – created the opportunity for expansion as the company came to manufacture its line of first-rate and uniquely-designed drainage system made from environmentally-safe aluminum alloy and virgin PVC. Presently, DNTN Hoang Pham produces and exports these component-based drain systems to satisfied customers worldwide through the partner offices in New Zealand.


Over the years, the company gained invaluable insights into the psyche of the local market. As it continues to foster exemplary relations with various local businesses, the company gained more opportunity for further expansion. In 2011, the company accepted the sourcing and supply of natural quality stone products in partnership with reliable and trusted sources of natural stone products in Australia, India, China and Vietnam for exportation to Australia and the Asia-Pacific region via its sales partner based in Hong Kong. In the early part of 2015, the company established formal partnership with Kalinisan Chemicals in the Philippines for the exclusive supply of food and industrial hygiene cleaning and sanitizing solutions used in the beverage, food service and food processing, and hospitality industries.


In a bid to institutionalize these milestones, the company created the HPGROUP, whose objective is to provide a common gateway for its customers for the various products and services that are presently available today.


These combination of products and services positions the company to be the best player in catering to the total supply requirements of construction materials for the construction and design industries as well as in the ever-growing food, beverage and hospitality industries.


Truly, there is no job too big or too small for us. We aim to serve and better the lives of the people - ours and those around us.


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